Spiritual Readings by Randy

Spiritual readings by Randy


Connect with me today and let me shed light on your future! Allow me to use my gift of second sight to tune into your current situation. Within a reading I will go over things I see within your past, your present situation, and provide time frame when things will start to manifest within your life. I have over 8 years of providing accurate spiritual readings for clients around the US. Call me today

  I offer services from palm readings, Tarot readings, and Clairvoyant Readings. During a  sessions I receive messages from the spiritual realm regarding your situation I don't need insight on your question I only need your name and date of birth. What separates me from other spiritual advisors is I take my time to give clarity and insight.

 Much of the work I do is done over the phone or we can set up an in person consultation. Contact me by phone or email.  



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