Spiritual Readings by Randy

Spiritual readings by Randy


Quotes Marie Sa'Shae oil Randy Made for me works great. I put on the oil and that night a few guys asked me out. I put it on at work and every man stop and noticed me some even said "There is something about you today. You look extra beautiful." I only put on a little bit mixed with my usually lotions. Thanks Randy Quotes
Lady De
Marie Sa'Shae oil

Quotes First,I would like to thank Randy for being so down to earth and welcoming.I felt comfortable coming into this reading,as it was my first time ever receiving one, and I must say I was very much satisfied! The feel of the reading was very much approachable from beginning to end. He didn't have to fish around for information, everything was precise and consistent. Randy was mind blowingly accurate .The precision took me by surprise. I've never met him and he could know such intricate parts of my life.I could finally gain clarity from this reading, which is the reason I sought out to have this wonderful reading with Randy. Randy was very professional, he worked well with my emotions and never went off subject.At no point was he condescending or judgmental, really made me feel at ease.I will definitely be a faithful customer! And recommend him to my friends! Thank you! Quotes
Malerie Brenston
Happy Customer

Quotes I had a loved one who was facing legal troubles and some serious time in the state pen out here. I consulted Randy and told him what was going on. He told me to have faith and that everything will be okay. I went to my fiance's first court hearing and couldn't believe how confused the judge was acting or how the DA assigned to his case called off sick. I called Randy immediately after and we shared Laughs about it. The final court date was scheduled and instead ofbeing sentenced to 3-5 years in prison my fiance got one year of supervised probation and the charges were knocked down to misdemeanors. Randy I cannot thank you enough for being my rock and support system through this. You truly have a gift of knowing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, old friend" - Annie C Quotes

Quotes I have never had a reading like the one I had with Randy. I never had to ask a question. Randy was on point about EVERYTHING!! It was as if Randy tapped into my soul and could see everything that was going on with me and my surroundings. My past, present, and future were all addressed. I was super comfortable and at ease through out the time we spoke. I would definitely recommend Randy to others. I will be a returning customer as well!! Quotes

Quotes Let me first say Randy is exceptional and authentic. I was a groupon purchaser and must say I have been very pleased with this purchase, he took his time with me provided me with specific dates and in 2015 cant be happier. He revealed things from my past and in my future. Thank you Randy Quotes

Quotes My friend told me about Randy. I am glade I called he is such a good reader. He picked up on dates that was important along with my secret wants for my life. I will call again. Plus he is very personal and made me feel comfortable the entire time. Thank Randy for the remarkable reading! Quotes
Future mom

Quotes This evening was the first time I have had a reading, I was lucky enough to have Randy brought into my life. The information shared was very accurate and energizing. Very good experience, will recommend him to friends and I am considering doing a group session with friends. He is the best! Quotes
on phone session

Quotes I have great pleasure in writing this testimonial. You are truly heaven sent and a very accurate spiritual reader all the things you predicted for me came true just the way you said that they would. I would definately rate him the best reader that i've EVER talked to and he will be the only one that i would ever consult or recommend to all my friends and family he so precise, so kind and is very much like talking to a best friend Your work is well appreciated thank you again for everything :-) Quotes
Proud Mother

Quotes Let me start by saying that Randy is very kind person, and that in tandem with the accuracy of his reading is out of this world. I have had 2 readings so far by Randy and he has been dot on about my past and present, and his advise on the future is remarkable. Randy is very friendly and kind by heart. With his session, you forget that he is offering a service but you feel that he is a long known friend and you are having a heart to heart talk with him. His readings are so accurate that he deserves all the respect. I tried few online psychics and with them you get the feeling of complete commercialization and no insight but with Randy you will see the genuinity! Randy, as we discussed before, please keep up the good work and don't lose the faith with which you do your readings......Thanks for insight on various aspects of my life. R Ray Quotes
Insight with Randi

Quotes I have done psychic readings before but none of them have been as accurate as this man right here Randy has been very helpful as far as my career everything he has told me has come to pass thanx Randy Quotes


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